Date: 2nd April 2001

Gangster's Wife Slams Guy Ritchie For Glamorising Crime

Director GUY RITCHIE has been slammed for "glamorising" crime - by the former wife of legendary London gangster RONNIE KRAY.

KATE KRAY accuses SNATCH (1999) director Ritchie of being wildly irresponsible in the way he romanticises the brutal gangland underworld.

And she openly criticises MADONNA's husband - after learning how he visited REGGIE Kray on his death bed. Kate says, "I believe that films like Guy Ritchie's do glamorise the criminal and gangster world. "But as someone who can speak from personal experience of that world, I can assure him that when you are actually in amongst those kind of people it is extremely unpleasant."

Kate has an intimate knowledge of Britain's ganglands, after being married to Ronnie Kray, one half of the notorious Kray twins who ruled London's East End in the sixties - and believes Ritchie's obsessions with gangsters is pathetic. She adds, "
The reality is that there is nothing glamorous about gangsters. That is a total myth and fantasy." (NB/WN/RP)

Source: WENN



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