Date: 4th April 2001

Cameron Diaz Movie Dream Comes True For "Ugly" Man

A British man got his own back on a pal who teased him about his looks - by clinching a Hollywood role alongside CAMERON DIAZ.

Ex-boxer PHIL KIRK, who has jug ears and a twisted nose, decided to try his luck when friend PIERS PARTRIDGE said he was nasty- looking enough to make a good film bad guy.

Phil wrote off to the UGLY AGENCY enclosing his picture - and was stunned when he got a phone call asking him to fly to Rome to join the cast on the new MARTIN SCORSESE blockbuster GANGS OF NEW YORK (2001)

Phil spent a month in Rome starring alongside Diaz, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and LIAM NEESON, who he befriended. Phil, 51, says, "I never dreamt in a million years that I'd make my acting debut in Scorsese's latest movie with huge names. "But I couldn't believe it when they phoned. Liam's a great guy. We talked a lot. "Now I've caught the acting bug. If VINNIE JONES can make a go of it, why can't I." (RP/WNTSU/NFA)

Source: WENN



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