Date: 4th April 2001

Will's The Perfect Man

Actress JADA PINKETT SMITH is still astonished by husband WILL SMITH - because he becomes a better husband and father every day.

Jada says she married the MEN IN BLACK (1997) star because she knew there was something special about him - but she didn't expect him to keep getting better.

And now they have two children, she's convinced she has the perfect man. She says, "The thing about Will is he learns every single day how to grow as an individual, as a husband, and as a father. It never stops. Everyday I see a progression. "It just surprises me, the revelations he begins to have as a parent. That's what parenthood is all about, because I swear, these kids do not come with instructions."

But the actor is such a good dad that his kids hate it when he's not there, and Jada's determined to make sure they stay together as a family. She adds, "
This year will be kind of hard. Will's working, I'm working. But one thing I have learned from this experience is that won't be happening again. It's too difficult, because my kids miss their father. It's not enough to see Daddy on the weekends. "When I'm working on MATRIX 2 (2002) in Australia Will's coming to Australia - done deal. While I'm shooting 'The Matrix,' he'll be there." (KL/WNWC

Source: WENN



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