Date: 9th April 2001

Liv Tyler Laughs At Beautiful People

Gorgeous ingenue LIV TYLER is one of Hollywood's hottest properties - but she's just amused by the world of the stylish and famous.

The daughter of AEROSMITH rocker STEVE TYLER keeps her feet firmly on the ground, and is not impressed by the trendy world of celebrity.

She laughs, "I went to dinner with my dad the other night and he was with all these girls he works with - make-up artists and stylists - and he wanted to impress them." He said, 'Where can I take them that's really fun and trendy?', and I said, 'I dunno. What do you mean? I'm the wrong person to ask.'

"So we ended up at this fashion-week thing, and it was like a FELLINI film - nobody was eating, they were all just picking and smoking, and all the men had stubble and long dark hair. It was like watching a fish tank." (NFA/WNBTE)

Source: WENN



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