Date: 10th April 2001

Emma and Greg Have Piles Of Love

EMMA THOMPSON doesn't worry waste over the fact she's older than her boyfriend GREG WISE - because he's had piles.

The HOWARDS END (1992) actress, 41, doesn't feel like the old one in the relationship because Wise's suffering from all kinds of old age problems. She says, "He's very mature. Plus he's got lots of grey hair, and he once had piles which was a great comfort to me. I enjoy the fact that he's younger than me, keeps you on your toes."

Despite the obvious success of the couple's relationship, Thompson insists there are no plans whatsoever to marry. She says, "I'm not the marrying kind. It was never a thing for me. I've always been intrigued by the whole notion of marriage, and why anyone would want to do it, anyway. And now we have a child, there's nothing more of a commitment than that." Thompson explains her first marriage - to actor KENNETH BRANAGH - was all his idea. She adds, "Ken was very insistent. I'm not curious anymore, I know it doesn't make any difference really." (SVD/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN