Date: 12th April 2001

Carrie Anne Refused To Accept Her Knee Was Broken

Actress CARRIE-ANNE MOSS is no help to herself when she's sick because she drove to the set of Matrix Reloaded, The (2003) with a broken knee and refused to have it checked.

The actress broke a bone in her knee after falling badly after a choreographed move - but she convinced herself she'd be fine, even though she was in agony.

She says, "I drove myself home and I was in total denial, I drove to work the next day saying, 'I'm fine, I'm fine.' My knee was like the size of my butt but I refused to accept it might be broken. "I just didn't want to know, I'm a bad patient. I'd rather not know sometimes, especially if there's some kind of pressure around it. "I was going to every single person you can imagine to try and miraculously heal my leg so that it was ready in a week.

And my doctor said, 'Carrie-Anne, it takes six weeks for a bone to heal.' I was just maniacally running around hurting my leg more than anything because I should have been sitting still. "
It finally hit me because I was getting headaches from the stress - I was feeling so overwhelmed." (KL&BA/WN/PDD

Source: WENN