Date: 14th April 2001

Ang Lee Gets To Grips With Incredible Hulk

Oscar winning director ANG LEE is turning his mind to the INCREDIBLE HULK - but he's not happy with the basic script he has been given so far.

Lee is immersing himself in the project, figuring out on all levels how the story should work, and refuses to make a middle-of- the road movie adaptation of the comic book character.

He says, "I wasn't particularly taken with the existing script. Scientifically, I am doing an academic study on how a cell can expand and how a person can become a Hulk. "Technically, I am asking myself, 'How do I create the Hulk?' You can't have a big guy, paint him green and put comic book pants on him. The Hulk is not human. "Culturally I need to know why it works, on a psychological level, why he is so popular." (SVD/U/KMW)

Source: WENN