Date: 14th April 2001

East End Gangsters Set For Movie Glory

Britain's leading gangsters are set for movie glory again - thanks to a new book which threatens to tell the whole story of late twins THE KRAYS and their adversaries.

Kray counterparts FREDDIE FOREMAN and TONY LAMBRIANOU have both written their memoirs, but have come together to pen an explosive new tome which will include the facts they were forced to leave out of their first biographies.

The likes of GUY RITCHIE, VINNIE JONES and RAY WINSTONE are fighting for the rights to make the new book into a hard-hitting gangster film to end all gangster films.

Lambrianou says, "We're being inundated with offers from all over the place and I've just done an interview with VANITY FAIR in New York - it's proof you can never keep a great story down. People will always be fascinated."

The release of the book later this month (APR01) will reveal all about the unsolved mysteries of the thuggish twins who terrorised the East End of London in the 1960s.

It has also sparked fresh interest in all of London's notorious tough guys of the period. Vinnie Jones is set to play tough guy LENNY McLEAN, Winstone has signed up to play bareknuckle boxer-turned-henchman ROY 'PRETTY BOY' SHAW, actor JAMIE FORMAN is keen to play his dad, Freddie, in a planned biopic and director Guy Ritchie is planning to remake THE KRAYS.

According to Lambrianou, there are also plans to make biopics about reformed villains MAD FRANKIE FRASER and RONNIE KNIGHT.

He adds, "Guy Ritchie with LOCK, STOCK and TWO SMOKING BARRELS (1998) really did us all a lot of favours and captured an East End we're all familiar with. "Me and my like have had an awful lot of bad press over the years, but we've all served our time. I'm just waiting for someone to come along and offer to make my life story."

Lambrianou's violent memoirs have already been turned into a touring stage play in Britain. (KL/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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