Date: 15th April 2001

Kung Fu Legend's Daughter Takes To The Screen

Bruce LEE's youngest child, SHANNON LEE has decided to follow in her family's footsteps.

After the death of her father and her brother, BRANDON LEE, Shannon marked out a career in music for herself and studied opera in New Orleans.

Following brief appearances in Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (1993) and CAGE ll (1994), the 31-year-old started an intensive training programme in order to carry on the family tradition.

She says, "I trained for hours every day. For one stunt I had to jump on a speed boat while attached by a wire to a crane." The stunt can be seen in the film AND NOW YOU'RE DEAD (1998) but Shannon is incredibly careful following the tragic death of her brother on the set of CROW, the (1994). "My brother's death was a horrible accident" she says, "I am very careful on a film set." (RJM/WNSSU/PDD)

Source: WENN



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