Date: 19th April 2001

Douglas Concerned About Kidnap Attempt

MICHAEL DOUGLAS is an over-protective father because he was almost kidnapped outside his apartment building when he was just six.

And to add to his paranoia, he's now making [Don’t Say A Word (2002)] - a psychological thriller about the kidnapping of his character's eight-year-old daughter.

Douglas admits filming the movie brought up some issues in his own home with a highly successful wife like CATHERINE ZETA JONES and eight-month-old DYLAN. He says, "You live your life and take normal kinds of security precautions that make sense. But, you still have to live your life."

Douglas and Zeta-Jones have made a pact to have periods where they both work at the same time, so they can enjoy quality family time together. The actor admits he likes staying busy, explaining, "I think of life as a surfer waiting for waves _ all of a sudden, surf's up and you take advantage of the opportunities and you go get those rides, and then you stop and smell the roses." (KL/WNV/ES)

Source: WENN



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