Date: 24th April 2001

Lucas Abandons Film

Director GEORGE LUCAS has given up film - and will only work in digital.

The technologically advanced Hollywood maestro has been shooting his latest opus, STAR WARS EPISODE II (2002), using six SONY CINEALTA HDCAM cameras - and swears he'll never use 35mm film again.

He told the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, "I think I can safely say I'll never ever shoot another film on film. The same goes for digital editing. I've been editing digitally for over 15 years and I won't go back to a linear way of working."

Lucas has been pushing toward a complete digital transformation of the filmmaking process for over twenty years, ever since he and his special effects team broke new ground developing technology like motion-control photography and go-motion animation for the original Star Wars trilogy. (TM/WNWCCB/RP)

Source: WENN