Date: 26th April 2001

Arnold Schwarzenegger Withdraws from Politics

LATEST: Hollywood actor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has stepped out of the 2002 race for California governor - citing his film career and family as higher priorities.

The 53-year-old Austrian-born star had earlier expressed a wish to do more to help his adopted country, America - and was even quoted as saying he'd quit movies for the political role. But the actor will now focus on completing a sequel to the film TRUE LIES (1994), before beginning work on TERMINATOR 3 (2002) around September (01).

He says, "I feel great doing the movies, and I would have felt great doing the governor's race. I'm in a most wonderful position. "The movie projects came together, so I have to keep up my end of the deal. It's not like it could have gone this way or that." But the actor has vowed his break from politics is merely temporary, and plans to plunge back into the arena "some other time" once his four children, aged between three and 11, are older.

Schwarzenegger's withdrawal from the race will mean that RONALD REAGAN remains as the last celebrity seeking state-wide office in Sacramento, California - which he achieved 35 years ago. (RGS/LAT/RP)

Source: WENN