Date: 28th April 2001

James Cameron To Blast Off To Space

Hollywood director JAMES CAMERON is in negotiations to blast off into space in real life. The TITANIC (1997) director has been in talks with the Russian space agency for a flight to the international space station.

Anonymous Russian officials say they're expecting Cameron to sign on the dotted line in the next few weeks depending on the outcome of an American business man DENNIS TITO's private trip.

The ticket for the space ride is being estimated at $20 million. But Nasa are warning Cameron against the unusual journey, spokesperson DANIEL GOLDIN, who admits he's been contacted by Cameron says, "There is no way he is doing any training with us. "Nasa is not engaged in this. We have just had to go through this with Dennis Tito. We are saying no non professionals are going to space until we finalize this protocol and we are notified."

Sources close to the director claim Cameron doesn't just want to visit space, he wants to actually conduct a space walk, the first by a non career astronaut, for a series of documentaries. It's not Cameron's first unusual journey, he travelled to the bottom of the Atlantic on board a Russian submersibles to film underwater scene in Titanic.(MB/U/ES)

Source: WENN