Date: 30th April 2001

Mike Myers' Scots Ogre Costs Spielberg Millions

MIKE MYERS' decision to change his accent in the starring role of SHREK (2001), Hollywood's latest animated blockbuster, has cost STEVEN SPIELBERG $4m (2.7m).

After viewing a rough cut of the movie MIKE decided that a Scottish accent would be better. MYERS plays a flatulent, grumpy green ogre who lives in a swamp and whose life is invaded by a bunch of fairytale characters.

Movie mogul JEFFREY KATZENBeRG says, "It was so good we took $4m worth of animation out and did it all over again." Funnyman MYERS, an avid fan of all things Scottish says, "I like the Scots accent because it can go from soft to angry so quickly." (RM/WNSSU/RP)

Source: WENN



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