Date: 29th April 2001

Chris Robinson Resists Kate Hudson's Jet Set

BLACK CROWES rocker CHRIS ROBINSON is ecstatically in love with his wife KATE HUDSON - he just can't stand her friends.

The long haired rocker, who married ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) star Hudson in a New Year's Eve (31DEC00) ceremony in Aspen, Colorado, says that married life is still fantastic, but he's not impressed with Hudson's movie star lifestyle.

Robinson says, "It's the most profound thing to ever happen in my life. "She's the most incredibly soulful and talented woman I've ever met."

Robinson is less ecstatic about having to escort Hudson to premieres and awards shows and mingling with Hollywood's most elite, insisting, "
most of them are d**ks." However the rocker is determined he's not going to turn into "Mr Kate Hudson" as his bandmates like to call him. He says, "There's a fine line between being this hippie rock dude and becoming Molly Hatchet." (LE/DT/PDD)

Source: WENN