Date: 4th May 2001

Lucy Liu: I Want More Cash

LATEST: ALLY McBEAL babe LUCY LIU is determined she will leave the hit show - because she'll earn more cash on the big-screen. The American legal drama has been plunged into crisis with the announcement last week (ENDS29APR01) that the CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star, GREG GERMANN and TAYE DIGGS - who play LING WOO, RICHARD FISH and JACKSON respectively - will not return after the current series ends.

The show's publicist JONATHAN HOGAN yesterday (03MAY01) confirmed the trio have yet to sign contracts, admitting there were "uncomfortable difficulties" about them remaining. He explains, "The current storylines will all be played out - after that, we'll just have to wait and see." But a pal of sexy Liu reckons as far as the actress is concerned, her stint in Ally McBeal is definitely drawing to a close. The friend says, "She's made it clear to the studio that she wants out as soon as possible.

Lucy was in a hugely successful film this summer and wants her career to move in that direction. "
She knows she can earn double the salary she currently gets from Ally McBeal working in the movie industry. News scripts now land on her doorstep every day." (KW/WNTEX/ES)

Source: WENN