Date: 9th May 2001

Shower Scenes With Angelina

"I was doing shower scenes with her, and she's walking around the set naked, totally relaxed with who she is. "TOMB RAIDER (2001) director MICHAEL BAY on star ANGELINA JOLIE's lack of inhibitions. (LE/ML/RP)

Facinating Fact "I've never really dated. I've slept with four men in my life, so it's funny to think that people think I'm a sex maniac. " ANGELINA JOLIE dispels some rumours about her wildchild image. (LE/ML/RP)

The Things They Say "If Billy was a woman then I'd be a lesbian. If I was a man, we'd be a gay couple " - ANGELINA JOLIE insists her love for husband BILLY BOB THORNTON transcends gender. (LE/ML/PDD)

Source: WENN



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