Date: 13th May 2001

Russell Set To Play King Of England

New Zealander RUSSELL CROWE is in talks to play English monarch KING HENRY VIII.

The movie will tell the story of the much-married monarch and his second wife ANNE BOLEYN. Australian actress CATE BLANCHETT is lined up to play Anne, so British actors have missed out completely on the roles.

The film's makers, who also made the acclaimed MRS BROWN (1997), want to dispel the myths about Henry's relationship with the woman he eventually had put to death. "Russell Crowe is top of our list," admits the company's head of development JAMES SAYNOR.

"Henry VIII was a big man and we need an actor with a powerful presence. Russell Crowe would be absolutely great," Saynor went on to say that he couldn't comment on negotiations. T

he oscar-winning star would have put on a lot of weight to play the portly king, but he showed that he could do that when he bulked up for his role in INSIDER, the (1999). (KAB/WNSEX/PDD)

Source: WENN



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