Date: 24th August 2000

Michelle Pfeiffer Loves to Laugh at Love

Actress MICHELLE PFEIFFER loses all control when it's time for a love scene - and ends up falling about laughing.

The 43-year-old actress, married to ALLY McBEAL producer DAVID E. KELLEY, seeks advice from almost all her leading men to prevent her from cracking up in moments of high passion.

Later this year, she will be seen opposite HARRISON FORD in the new thriller WHAT LIES BENEATH, playing a loving wife fighting against spiritual forces to keep her man.

Ford, however, was unable to stop her from laughing in their tender bedroom scene.

She says, "Harrison is a total gentleman. If there wasn't a door to open he'd find one for you. He was tremendous. He is also the personification of charm."

"You can see why women are knocked out by him. He is like the Rock of Gibraltar. I don't know why but he even had me giggling before we started."


Source: WENN



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