Date: 17th May 2001

Sheen Brothers' Chainsaw And Chicken Fight

Once-warring brothers CHARLIE SHEEN and EMILIO ESTEVEZ are lucky to be alive - after a particularly nasty bust-up with a chainsaw and a tin of chicken sandwich spread.

PLATOON (1986) star Sheen claims his older brother "was a bit of a bully" who used "dramatic intimidation" to terrify him while they were teenagers.

He says, "We refer to that as The Chicken Supreme Incident. I had finally gotten a date in high school and my car was in the shop, and I asked Emilio if I could borrow his car and he said 'No.' "I begged and I pleaded with him and I was holding the Chicken Supreme - and I snapped and fired it across the room, and it hit the wall next to his head and exploded and he got hit with sandwich shrapnel. "I ran to my room because I'm brave that way. He kicked open my door holding a chainsaw and said, 'I'm going to kill you. ' I think the chainsaw was out of gas.

Then there was a knock at the door and the cops were there - a neighbour had called the cops. "
So we had to pretend that everything was cool and embrace and we convinced them and they left and I turned to him and said, 'Sorry about the chicken thing,' and he said, 'Sorry about the chainsaw. ' "He still didn't let me borrow the car. " (KL/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN