Date: 19th May 2001

Pacino Reduces Co-Star To Tears

Actress KATHARINE ISABELLE was reduced to tears by AL PACINO's fearsome eyes while filming INSOMNIA (2001).

Isabelle is currently filming the tense police drama with Pacino, HILARY SWANK, ROBIN WILLIAMS and JONATHAN JACKSON.

Pacino plays a homicide detective tracking the killer of a young woman. And Isabelle says, "I've only done one day with Pacino, and all he had to do was make eye contact with me from about 15 feet away. "I could swear his eyes were burning into me. "In both our scenes he's screaming at me, so I'm certain I won't have any problem working up the tears I'm supposed to. "

But she insists in real life he's really sweet. "He's basically a shy man so it's all the more astonishing to see what he brings to a performance," she confides. (JM/WNWC/NFA)

Source: WENN



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