Date: 19th May 2001

Depp Campaigns For Drug Baron's Release

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP is campaigning for the release of drugs baron GEORGE JUNG - after playing him in new movie BLOW (2001).

The CHOCOLAT (2000) star visited the notorious drug dealer, that supplied 85 percent of the cocaine in America during the seventies and eighties, in prison while researching his role. Johnny says, "I will be there for him when he does come out. I'm not sure prison rehabilitated him but he is rehabilitated. And he deserves to be freed. Other people got caught in the same bust got two or three years. "

Jung is serving a 21-year jail term and isn't expected to be released until 2014, however Johnny is hoping he can turn things around. "I believe George has paid his dept to society and now it would be nice to get him out of prison so he can try and pay his debt to his family. He can't do it when he's bound and gagged. "

In his bid for Jung's freedom, hunky Johnny has visited Jung estranged daughter KRISTINA in an attempt to reconcile father and child. "George wants to see her real bad. I met her, she's a great girl and they deserve to be together. "We're going to talk to the FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. We're still checking it out. " (ES/WNBIN/KMW)

Source: WENN