Date: 30th May 2001

Cuba Gooding Jr Used To Live In A Car

JERRY MAGUIRE (1996) star CUBA GOODING JR. grew up in such poverty - he and his family had to live in a car.

The PEARL HARBOR (2001) actor had an unsettled childhood, part of which was spent living in a car with his mother, brother and sister when they became homeless.

Constantly moving neighbourhoods, Gooding Jr admits it was easy to get into bad situations, but thanks his grandmother and the church for keeping him on the right track. He says, "In those kinds of circumstances, it's easy to fall in with the wrong crowd, and that's just what I did. But my grandma dragged me down to the Baptist church. I've been going to church ever since. " (SVD/BI/RP)

Source: WENN