Date: 31st May 2001

Russell Crowe's Love Of Paranoid-Schizophrenic Genuis

OSCAR-winning actor RUSSELL CROWE is enjoying playing a paranoid schizophrenic in his new movie - because he likes doing the tics of a schizophrenic.

Crowe is currently filming BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001), where he plays JOHN NASH who won the NOBEL PRIZE.

Crowe's co-star PAUL BETTANY says, "He loves doing the tics of a schizophrenic, like repeating the last word of a sentence. For instance, if you say, 'Would you like a cup of coffee?' he will say, 'Coffee'. "

GLADIATOR (2000) star Crowe also had to deal with attention from students while filming at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, especially from female admirers who'd shout, 'We love you, Maximus! We want to have your baby!'

He has been known to snatch a ringing mobile phone from a student and say, "Hello, this is Russell Crowe. What the hell do you want? Get back to class. "

AMY WALZ, who is also appearing in the film, says Crowe has made sure she feels comfortable on set. She says, "He would kiss me on the cheek before each take. Just to lighten things up. It was a very serious film, and the atmosphere on the set was pretty intense. " (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN