Date: 31st May 2001

Christina Ricci Was In Therapy At Six

Pint-sized actress CHRISTINA RICCI has been in therapy since the tender age of six.

But the 21-year-old SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) star, who is on anti- depressants so she can go shopping without fretting the shop assistants will yell at her, found the therapy sessions "fun".

She says, "I guess it sounds weird but my parents believed in therapy so I went along too. I think I was so young it was just fun. But I didn't go by myself until I was 12, when I was having to deal with anorexia. After about eighteen months I was OK. I haven't been in therapy for over a year now but I am not judgemental. I guess the whole thing makes me sound nuts but I am not. I had this wild reputation. But I don't do stupid things anymore. I am not freaked out." (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN