Date: 5th June 2001

Mortons Host Bash For Marilyn's 75th

Celebrated restaurant MORTONS held a party to celebrate what would have been screen legend MARILYN MONROE's 75th birthday.

The venue usually hosts the annual Oscar party for magazine VANITY FAIR. The restaurant and KATHY FRESTON, wife of TOM FRESTON, the MTV tycoon, invited a few worthies to dine and contribute to the HOLLYGROVE ORPHANAGE, where Marilyn once called home.

LEE STRASBERG'S widow, ANNA, has been haunted by a story Lee told her of how the 10-year-old Marilyn, then NORMA JEANE MORTENSON, looked out an orphanage window onto the water towers of a movie studio.

Anna searched Hollywood for this institution and finally, with the help of the mayor's wife, NANCY RIORDAN, tracked it down. Hollygrove Orphanage still exists in the same place and the studio was PARAMOUNT, two blocks away.

Since then, Anna is desperate to help Hollygrove. The JEFF KATZENBERGS, SUMNER REDSTONE, FRANK BIONDI, BERNIE TAUPIN, MELANIE GRIFFITH, JERRY MOSS, JOHN DOLGEN and other Los Angeles VIPs showed for this. (If you'd like to donate to Hollygrove, in Marilyn's memory, the address is 815 North El Centro Ave. , Los Angeles, California. 90038. USA) (PDD/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN