Date: 5th June 2001

Lucas' Anger At Leaked Star Wars: Episode II Footage

GEORGE LUCAS is still fuming about footage from upcoming STAR WARS: EPISODE II (2002) being leaked onto the internet.

The writer-director believes internet these leaks are "taking a big bite out of the film industry". He goes on to say if people continue to steal footage and place it on the internet, there will be "less and less big films" being made.

Two weeks ago Star Wars fan site WWW. THEFORCE. NET posted a blurry film clip featuring heart-throb actors HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and EWAN McGREGOR practising their lightsabre moves on a blue screen set. The clip also showed Lucas standing on the sidelines giving directions.

A day later, the clip disappeared - after LUCASFILM reportedly threatened to sue the website if it was not removed immediately. (RP/WNWCPO/NFA)

Source: WENN



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