Date: 5th June 2001

Jaime Pressly Won't Let Steven Seagal Get Away With Groping

Actor STEVEN SEAGAL's lawyers have been getting heavy handed with young actress JAIME PRESSLY for bad mouthing their client - but Jaime's refusing to back down.

Pressly claims Seagal tried to give her an unlicensed massage during a break from filming their movie TICKER (2001). She spoke at length about the alleged molestation on HOWARD STERN's controversial radio show to try and teach the actor a lesson, and she's refusing to keep quiet about it now.

She says, "I got back at Seagal on Howard Stern, I didn't press charges against him for violating my privacy. "I never had that happen to me before, inappropriate behaviour. He crossed the line. But I got word from his lawyer that Seagal doesn't want me saying bad things about him. I told my lawyer to tell his lawyer to tell him that I wouldn't say another fricking word about it because I already got back at him on the Stern show, but people wouldn't say bad things if he didn't do bad things. " (SVD/STU/NFA)

Source: WENN



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