Date: 12th June 2001

Nicole Kidman Praises Tom Cruise's Upcoming Movie

NICOLE KIDMAN is warmly praising her estranged husband TOM CRUISE's new movie - even though it's not yet finished.

Kidman, who is reportedly facing one of the ugliest divorce battles in Hollywood, is still speaking well about her estranged husband who reportedly informed her he wanted a divorce through his representatives.

Cruise is currently filming VANILLA SKY (2001) with filmmaker CAMERON CROWE, who directed him in JERRY MaGUIRE (1996), and Kidman has nothing but good things to say about the project.

She says, "I know it will be great. Tom and Cameron always make magic together. "

The MOULIN ROUGE (2001) star is currently in England filming HOURS, the (2001) alongside MERYL STREEP and JULIANNE MOORE, but says she can't wait until it's over so she can get back to her native Australia and enjoy some time with her two adopted children and the rest of her family.

She says it's just a few weeks, "then I'm free!", adding, "I don't want to work for the rest of the year. I'm just trying to take care of my kids, and stay close to my mum and dad. " (LE/WNWC/RP)

Source: WENN



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