Date: 13th June 2001

Tom Cruises Into Awards Late, But is Edited On Time

Bosses at MTV edited tape of TOM CRUISE arriving at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS last weekend (8-9JUN01) so fans wouldn't know he was late.

Editors cut the tape to make it look like big stars such as Cruise and JOHN TRAVOLTA were there throughout most of the event, even though they arrived only shortly before they were scheduled to go onstage.

"People who watched on TV saw the camera flashing to Tom Cruise when JOHN WOO thanked him in a speech," says a source. "But Tom hadn't even shown up yet. It was edited in.

They took a shot from later on in the show. But it looked sort of weird, because Tom was looking around the room at nothing in particular and was in no way acknowledging the speaker. "

Source: WENN



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