Date: 15th June 2001

Affleck Stalks Kidman Stalker ?

The man accused of stalking Nicole Kidman and Claudia Schiffer claims he's now being stalked - by none other than Ben Affleck.

MATT HOOKER is alleging that the PEARL HARBOR (2001) hunk once pursued him while disguised as a Frenchman "with a `pencil' or `toothbrush' moustache, and a French shirt," according to Hooker's Web site, WWW.BEAUTIFULBUTDANGEROUS. COM. Hooker suspects the scriptwriter and actor of hatching a plot to ruin his reputation with leading actresses like Kidman and Affleck's former girlfriend GWYNETH PALTROW - and thereby steal a film role from him.

The self-claimed stalkee writes, "Ben _ if you think by smearing me you can get Gwyneth (who recently had a real stalker harass her) back, or date Claudia, grow up. " Affleck's unconcerned spokesman says, "This is hilarious. Ben is going to love this. " (KW/WNWCNB/ES)

Source: WENN



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