Date: 17th June 2001

Minnie Puts Her Foot Down

British actress MINNIE DRIVER has put her foot down with her stepmother-in-law to be, BARBaRA STREISAND by deciding upon her own wedding dress. The RETURN TO ME (1999) actress managed to keep quiet while noted-diva Barbra overtook the arrangement for her summer (01) wedding.

However when the YOU DON'T BRING ME FLOWERS hitster tried to dress Minnie in an outfit by designer friend DONNA KARAN, Minnie refused.

A friend says, "Minnie has kept her mouth shut and gone along with things for the sake of peace. But Barbra wanted her friend Donna to design the gown. She even had Donna send over some sketches. But Minnie prefers classic, sleek lines. She's talking to VERA WANG about it. " (ES/WNSMAS)

Source: WENN