Date: 18th June 2001

Jude Law's Sex Mistakes

British actor JUDE LAW's name landed him in a strange dilemma when he was growing up - it caused him to be mistaken for a girl.

TALENTED MR RIPLEY, the (1999) hunk admits his name can be rather confusing to those who don't know him - which was proved when he was in his early teens.

He says, "While I was at school, I was in a theatre company when I was 12 or 13. "Before I arrived, they organised the dormitories for where everybody was going to stay and I guess they assumed Jude was a girl's name. When I arrived, I was put in a room with 12 girls - I didn't say anything at the time. "I spent the first night there until I was found out!" (RGS/WNV/ES)

Source: WENN