Date: 18th June 2001

Colin Farrell Shuns Hollywood For Home

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL says he'll never move away from Ireland long term - no matter how well his Hollywood career turns out.

The 25-year-old TIGERLAND (2000) hunk loves Ireland, it's people and the country's way of life.

He says, "I'm very proud to be Irish. I've just been in America for six months but as far as living there is concerned, no way. When I don't have any work on, I'm back in Ireland like a shot."

Colin's latest project - a comedy western called AMERICAN OUTLAWS (2001) - is about to open stateside and is set to make him an even bigger star. "I can see myself becoming a famous actor but I'll do my best to handle it. I'll keep my head together keep working and just try to have a good time. " (BB/IM/ES)

Source: WENN