Date: 20th June 2001

George Lucas Finds Star Wars Re-edits Menacing

GEORGE LUCAS is far from amused with fans' amateur "improved" re- edits of his STAR WARS movies.

At first the film-maker had expressed a wish to view a recent unauthorised revamp of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) but now the shocking popularity the video has gained has prompted a copyright reminder to be posted on the official Star Wars website.

The notice reads, "While we appreciate fan enthusiasm in general, creating, duplicating and/or distributing any edited version of a Star Wars film is clear copyright infringement and is illegal. "

JEANNE COLE, a spokeswoman for LUCASFILM says that fans are now going too far with their show of enthusiasm. She explains, "When we first heard about it, we just thought 'This is one of the fans having fun with Star Wars.' Now that it has gotten into massive duplication, it has crossed the line. We are now talking about copyright infringement. We don't think these people maliciously intended to break the law or hurt LucasFilm. Now, we just want them to stop. " (RGS/U/KMW)

Source: WENN