Date: 17th September 2000

Clooney Drops Salary

Sexy Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY is starting to resist the temptation of huge film salaries.

The former ER star, who can command up to $15 million (10 million) a film says he is happier working for less to make the movies he is interested by. George says that, to enable production of the hit Gulf War film THREE KINGS, he even gave back some of the pay he was offered.

The actor made a decision not to ask for a pay-rise after the world-wide success of THE PERFECT STORM and is deliberately working for less money on his latest film OCEAN'S ELEVEN. He says, "I'd rather not take a giant fee up front because you bust the budget and then you can't get the co-stars you want. "I'd take little or no money up front and get a legitimate piece of the back end. If the movie makes money you make money. If it doesn't, you got to make a movie you wanted to make."

Clooney, 39, pointed out that he is not the only actor prepared to work cut-price on projects he likes. His co-stars for Ocean's Eleven include, JULIA ROBERTS, BRAD PITT, BRUCE WILLIS and MATT DAMON.


Source: WENN



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