Date: 24th June 2001

Home Is Where The Art Is For Gere

Despite playing a older man romancing a young girl in his latest movie, RICHARD GERE has decided that family life is what he's been lusting after.

Now 51, the AUTUMN IN NEW YORK (2000) star admits that the thing most likely to keep him up at night is his 16-month-old son HOMER.

Since becoming a parent with his girlfriend CAREY LOWELL, the PRETTY WOMAN (1990) star has been amazed by "that pure, selfless love".

The Buddhist star goes on to say that the key to life is, "to focus that spontaneous quality of love not just on your child but on the universe. The love for your child is just a microcosm for what the real possibility is," he adds. (KAB/WNSEX/PDD)

Source: WENN