Date: 25th June 2001

Burton's Ape Aches

Director TIM BURTON has had enough of working with monkeys after filming PLANET OF THE APES (2001) movie remake.

The SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) film-maker says the primate stars of the forthcoming film were far harder to deal with than their human counterparts.

He says, "They would start humping my leg, and if I didn't pay attention to them, they'd spit at me or throw bleep at me. They have an insane, psycho quality. One day I caught one of them staring at me . .. and I thought, man, if a human ever looked at me like I that I'd run in the other direction. I felt like I was in some weird gay bar and some sleazy person was checking me out. "

The movie, which stars homo sapiens actors MARK WAHLBERG, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and TIM ROTH, premieres in late July (26JUL01). (WNWCDN)

Source: WENN



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