Date: 29th June 2001

Goldie Hawn A Bad Mother?

From WENN correspondent SOPHIE VOKES-DUDGEON in Los Angeles: BILL HUDSON has slammed GOLDIE HAWN's parenting skills to their daughter KATE HUDSON.

The HUDSON BROTHERS singer has been estranged from his ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) star daughter for many years and disapproves of the way Goldie has raised her.

He says, "Kate sounds a lot like her mother, she's a very free
spirit, very open with men. If Kate is that way I think it has a lot to do with her upbringing."

Bill, 51, believes Goldie is a good mother, but she has her
priorities wrong. He adds, "She's a movie star and her priorities have been about her career. She's a hands-on mother. She controls through her minions."

The actor was unimpressed by Goldie's casual attitude to underage drinking.

"Kate was going into bars when she was 16. Kate drinks and
smokes. Goldie has always been drinking and smoking."

Bill was devastated by his daughter's public admission about
losing her virginity at 15 years old, in a closet. "I hated that. It would never have happened had I been at the helm." (SVD&ES/WN/IG)

Source: WENN