Date: 30th June 2001

Tim Roth's Big Nose Caused problems For Planet Of The Apes

TIM ROTH caused serious problems for PLANET OF THE APES (2001) make up man RICK BAKER - because his nose is so big.

Baker had spoken to director TIM BURTON before casting and explained his life would be a lot easier if he cast typically pretty boys for the monkey roles.

So when he was presented with Roth, Baker couldn't believe his bad luck. He says, "Tim's was the worst face you could get to turn into a chimpanzee. To make it work you look for actors with the right physiognomy: small noses and long upper lips. I begged Burton not to cast anyone with a big nose. It proved to be an asset, because it made Tim look different from the others. " (SVD/DT/RP)

Source: WENN



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