Date: 3rd July 2001

Brando Was Forced To Quit Movie For Health

The WAYANS brothers admit they had to persuade MARLON BRANDO not to take part in their film SCARY MOVIE II (2001) - because they were terrified he'd die on the set.

Brando was set to receive $2 million (1. 4 million) for his cameo as the priest in a take off of the famous EXORCIST, the (1973) vomit scene.

But in the end JAMES WOODS stepped into the role, when Brando finally decided his breathing problems on the set were getting too severe.

Director KEENEN IVORY WAYANS says, "He was on oxygen, but I had to sit down and say, you're health is more important." MARLON WAYANS adds, "We had to let him go or we would have been responsible for killing the GODFATHER, the (1972). " (SVD/WNV/RP)

Source: WENN