Date: 3rd July 2001

Stallone's Rocky Road To Broadway

SYLVESTER STALLONE'S hit movie ROCKY (1976) is to be made into a Broadway musical.

Rocky will be the latest in speeding bandwagon of Hollywood-to- Broadway musicals, most notably led by MEL BROOKS and THE PRODUCERS.

Then there are DISNEY hits like LION KING, the (1994) and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the FOX smash FULL MONTY, the (1997) and the upcoming Broadway version of MOULIN ROUGE (2001) - not to mention the pending musical of SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS. "

Stallone, 55 on 6 July (01) will not appear on stage because he could not take the time off from Hollywood. (PDD/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN