Date: 4th July 2001

Benjamin: I Wasn't A Bratt Over Julia's Work

Recently single BENJAMIN BRATT is slamming reports he dumped JULIA ROBERTS because she wouldn't move to San Francisco.

Since the recent announcement of the Hollywood golden couple's split, there have been countless theories on why it occurred, including the involvement of different third parties, such as ER star GEORGE CLOONEY.

But Bratt is especially keen to scotch claims he ditched the PRETTY WOMAN (1990) because she wouldn't give up her career to be with him.

The actor's representative says, "The San Francisco spin on the story is untrue - and the idea he would ask her to quite work is absolutely ridiculous. He doesn't want to make the situation any worse by talking about it for publication - obviously he's hurting. But believe me, by the time the media is through, you'll hear dozens of different reasons for the breakup - all of them untrue. " (SVD/LADN/KW)

Source: WENN



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