Date: 8th July 2001

Foster To Play Veronica Guerin

LATEST: Hollywood star JODIE FOSTER is being lined-up to play VERONICA GUERIN in a second movie about the murdered Irish crime reporter.

PEARL HARBOR (2001) producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER will pay Foster $13 million (9. 36million) to portray Veronica, who was shot dead in June 1996 by Dublin criminals she was threatening to expose.

Producers are being secretive about the script as they fear it may upset family and friends of Veronica.

A source says, "Jodie will play Veronica in a parallel story. She won't be called Veronica and the Irish newspaper she works for will have its name changed to the SUNDAY GLOBE or something. " Two years ago (99) JOAN ALLEN portrayed Guerin in WHEN THE SKY FALLS (2000), which bombed at the international box office. (RXT/IOS/PDD

Source: WENN