Date: 9th July 2001

Heather Graham's Roller Skating Problems

Actress HEATHER GRAHAM loves rollerskating - but hasn't been on wheels since her infamous role as pornstar ROLLERGIRL.

The BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) star, who recently split from lover HEATH LEDGER, says she used to enjoy nothing better than going down to the beach and rollerblading along the boardwalk, watching the ocean.

But since Boogie Nights became such a hit, she's become too embarrassed to get back on skates. She says, "I still have the roller skates that I wore in Boogie Nights. But after the film I felt dumb skating in public. Like if I was skating along a bike path, everyone would be like, 'There's Rollergirl!'" (SVD/GL/ES)

Source: WENN