Date: 10th July 2001

Natural Born Killers Out On Video

One of the most controversial movies of all time is to be released on video today (09JUL01) to the fury of media watchdogs.

The full-length, uncut version of director OLIVER STONe's NATURAL BORN KILLERS (1994) is available to buy and rent five years after its original cinema release.

But viewing standards group MEDIAWATCH is concerned the movie will incite viewers to carry out copycat attacks and antisocial behaviour.

The movie, written by QUENTIN TARANTINO, tells the story of a serial killer who slays his girlfriend's abusive parents, murders numerous people and then escapes from a high security jail. WOODY HARRELSON and JULIETTE LEWIS star as the serial killer and his girlfriend who kill 52 people in a three month crime spree.

Director of the pressure group Mediawatch JOHN BEYER says, "This film should never be released. It's a terrible decision. The film portrays brutal violence for the sake of it, the knock on effect of watching this could be calamitous. There are not enough bad things to say about this movie. It glamorises drugs, violence, gun use, underage sex, incest and sexual abuse. " (HM/WN/LE)

Source: WENN