Date: 12th July 2001

Dennis Quaid Still A Drunk?

Actor DENNIS QUAID is adamant his split with wife MEG RYAN didn't send him back to the bottle - insisting he's still sober and has been for ten years.

The FREQUENCY (2000) star was pictured dancing with waitresses on the bar of New York's famous HOGS AND HEIFERS' restaurant earlier this year (01), and reports had suggested Quaid had been under the influence of alcohol.

But the actor will reveal in next month's (AUG01) W Magazine that his behaviour was not alcohol induced. He explains that while customers and staff were happily buying him tequila shots, which he happily took from their hands, he didn't drink any of them.

He insists his sobriety is of utmost importance to him and not even a marriage failure could put him back on the slippery slope to addiction. (SVD/WNV/KMW)

Source: WENN