Date: 19th July 2001

Irons Will Never Kiss On The Street Again

Hollywood star JEREMY IRONS has vowed never to be found kissing in the street again.

The REVERSAL OF FORTUNE (1990) star was snapped kissing beauty PATRICIA KAAS outside a London club earlier this month (JULY01). Jeremy - married to Irish actress SINEAD CUSACK - had spent three months making the new movie AND NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (2002) with Kaas. He says,

"I'd been working with her all that time, I'm allowed to say goodbye to someone. But of course in my business, you should know never to kiss in the street, but you forget now and then. "

After the kiss the pair were caught up in a brawl between rival London gangs. Irons adds, "We just came out of the club and suddenly we were in the middle of it. Then I saw somebody pull a gun. I gather it was a turf war over minicabs or drugs. " (RXT/IS/RP)

Source: WENN