Date: 30th July 2001

Chan's Childhood Beatings Made Him The Best

Asian movie hero JACKIE CHAN has learned to love action but despise violence - because he was beaten regularly as a child.

The RUSH HOUR (1998) star claims he was beaten, punished and caned "almost every day" while he was a student at the CHINA DRAMA ACADEMY - but he never complained, and insists the pain trained him to be a more responsible martial arts movie star. He explains,

"I remember dropping a piece of rice on the floor and the teacher caned me. I never forgot how it felt. It made me never want to hit anyone. I don't want children to think it's OK to beat someone up. In my movies, I want to show my fans that I love action, but not violence. I create action that looks like ballet. " (KL/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN