Date: 1st August 2001

Cage Beats Depp For Ghost Rider Role

NICOLAS CAGE is set to star as the lead in the live action adaptation of the GHOST RIDER (2002) comic book - but not before he ousted JOHNNY DEPP from taking the role.

Producer STEVEN PAUL says that when Cage heard that Depp would be the likely candidate for the part, he phoned the director, insisting that he was the biggest Ghost Rider fan in the world - and even owned five Ghost Rider motorcycles.

He is also reported to have declared, "I am the Ghost Rider!" Ghost Rider (2002) is a drama about a motorcycle stunt man who sells his soul to a dark force to save his girlfriend - but when tragedy befalls her, takes out his wrath on the bad guys.

Filming is expected to begin in November (01). Legendary actor JON VOIGHT will co-star. (RGS/LA/KMW)

Source: WENN